Looking to buy your next home? Or maybe even your first home? I specialize in finding “the one” for my clients. I’m a firm believer that when you’re ready the right home will present itself, so heres how to set yourself up for success when buying a home.

1. Contact me to get you set up with a Home Portal.
That way you can start to get a feel for exactly what you’re looking for. Better understanding what you can get for your money, how quickly those homes sell, and for how much. Thats where my expertise will help you make the best purchase for the right price.

2. Get pre- qualified.
If you don’t have a local lender feel free to ask me for help. Let me know what is your number one criteria for a loan is. Whether thats the lowest interest rate, or down payment assistance many lenders specialize in certain types of loans and its my job to be your local expert even when it comes to Lenders.

3. We go see homes, and I do your negotiating.
Once you are prequalified we’ll know your price range and then we can start looking for a home with the power to buy. That pre-qualification also gives us negotiating power when presented with an offer. In some cases the type of loan you have will outshine another when the offers are similar. I pride myself on getting my clients the best deal possible on their home purchase by being aware of what sellers are looking for in an offer.

4. Contract, contract, contracts.
Once we’ve made an offer my true work begins. Negotiating the offer is the first step to typically a 30-45 day escrow that consists of home inspections, deadlines, and negotiations to make sure the deal is a win-win. Let me navigate through the 30+ pages of contracts for you, I’ll keep you safe and informed throughout the transaction.

5. Closing Escrow.
We celebrate! Even after you have moved in, you can call on me with any questions or concerns you have. I set up all my clients with Home Warranties to make sure they are covered if anything were to arise. I’m always there to help, even after you have the keys to your new home.

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San Luis Obispo

I could go on and on, but SLO is worth experiencing for yourself. And if you get the pleasure of calling it home, you'll know just what I mean.

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